Our terms and conditions of use

Prices and Quotations

1.1    The price of the Goods and/or Services will be the Company’s quoted price
(or  if  there  is  no  quoted  price,  the  Company’s  list  price  on  the  date  of
delivery) inclusive of any duties but exclusive of value added or other taxes
except where stated otherwise.  All quotations issued by the Company for
the supply of Goods and/or Services shall remain open for acceptance for
the  lesser  of  90  days  or  such  other  period  as  may  be  stated  in  the
quotation.  Prices shall not include handling, freight, packaging, insurance or
similar costs, for which an additional charge will be made where applicable.  
In particular, a handling charge may be made for small orders.
1.2    The Company shall not modify quoted prices at any time before delivery to
the  Buyer  unless  to  reflect  (a)  any  changes  to  its  costs  resulting  from  any
alteration  in  or  addition  to  the  Buyer’s  requirements  or  (b)  any  changes  in
external costs, charges, duties or taxes arising in relation to the provision of
the Goods or Services which are outside the control of the Company.


2.1    All orders require full payment in advance before dispatch.
2.2    The Company shall invoice for Products Purchased at the Point of Sale.
2.3    Unless otherwise specified, payment shall be due in the currency invoiced no
later than thirty (30) days from the date of invoice.  Bank charges incurred as
a result of payment being made from overseas accounts shall be reimbursed to
the Company by the Buyer.  All payments shall be made free of any demand,
deduction or set-off by the Buyer.
2.4    In the event of late payment the Company reserves the right:
(i) in  the  case  of  Goods,  to  suspend  deliveries  and/or  any  of  its
outstanding obligations under the Contact;  and
(ii) in the case of Services (other than those set out in (iv) below), to
suspend the provision of Services; and in either case:
(iii) to charge interest to cover administrative and other associated costs
in  relation  to  the  late  payment  pursuant  to  the  Late  Payment  of
Commercial  Debts  (Interest)  Act  1998  (“the  LCD  Act”)  where
(iv) In  situations  where  the  LCD  Act  does  not  apply,  to  charge  the
interest which would be payable were the LCD Act applicable;
(v) In case of the provision of conferences, courses or the hiring out of
facilities,  to  refuse  admission  to  the  course  or  conference,  or  to
deny access to the facilities concerned.
2.4.1          With respect to credit accounts, the Company may  make a search
against the Buyer with a credit reference agency which may keep a
record  of  that  search  and  will  share  that  information  with  other
businesses.    The  Company  may  also  make  enquiries  about  the
proprietors,  principal  directors,  partners  or  managers  of  the  Buyer
with a credit reference agency.

Delivery of Goods

3.1    Delivery  of  Goods  under  a  Contract  shall  be  deemed  to  take  place  at  the
Company, irrespective of the party arranging delivery to the Buyer.  
3.2    Delivery of Goods to the Buyer is not included in the price.
3.3    In  the  event  of  late  delivery  of  Goods  by  the  Company,  Clause  6  shall
3.4    The  Buyer  shall  notify  the  Company  within  five  (5)  working  days  in
writing  of  any  short  delivery  or  defects  in  respect  of  Goods  reasonably
discoverable on careful examination.  The Company’s sole obligation shall
be,  at  its  option,  to  replace  or  give  a  refund  in  respect  of  any  defective
Goods or refund the purchase price of any undelivered Goods.


4.1  The Company will use all reasonable endeavours to avoid any delay in
delivery of Goods or provision of Services on the dates notified to the
Buyer.  Failure to deliver or perform by the specified date will not be a
sufficient cause for cancellation, nor will the Company be liable for any
direct, indirect, consequential or economic loss, or any costs charges or
expenses suffered or incurred due to delay in delivery.