Raw Black Classic 1 1/4 Slim Natural Unrefined Rolling Papers


Raw BLACK is Double Pressed Extra-Fine For The Thinnest, Unbleached Rolling Paper Ever Made. This Unique Artisan Paper is Produced In Al coy, Spain When The Dry Valencia Winds Make Humidity Optimally Low.

Pack Size

  • Raw Classic Natural Unrefined Rolling Papers
  • 1 1/4 Size - Slim
  • 50 Leaves Per Pack
  • Contain A Propreitary Blend Of Natural Unbleached Plant Fibers
  • Finished With A Pure, Natural Vegan Gum Made From Sustainable Harvested Sap From Acacia Trees
  • Windmill Power Papers
  • No Genetically Modified Organisms
  • Total Chlorine Free
  • Vegan Friendly Product
  • Each Paper Is Watermarked With Our Proprietary Crisscross Imprint
  • This Special Watermark Helps Prevent Runs And Maintains The Smoothest Burn
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